Mr. Churchill Akure: The Crisis Of Sapele Diocese Of The Anglican Communion

R-L: Bishop Erifeta and Parishioners protesting at Saint Luke Cathedral, Sapele.

According to the PRO of the church, Mr. Churchill Akure, he told Warri Times that:

The Diocese of Sapele, Anglican Communion was hit with a crisis which began on Tuesday, 28th July, 2015 during a Diocesan Youth Summit held at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke, Sapele. When the protest came to disrupt the service on that day, it was a group of assailants from Sapele who were not members of the Church that were used, under the coordination of youth leaders of the Cathedral, the People’s Warden and a Senior Clergy of the Cathedral.


While the evil agenda of that day was being unleased, the assailants and imported youths came into the Church with placards. After much effort to dissuade the participating youths from retaliations, they left and came in again and again, to embarrass the Bishop. Lastly, they drove all the youths who were participating out. They locked the front and back doors, this time being controlled by the Cathedral People’s Warden, Mr. Oghenero Onojorhovwo, who had also put off the generating plant powering the public address system.

As the place went wild, the Bishop and his wife and some Clergy ensured the participating youths left. As he attempted to leave through the alternative doorways behind the Cathedral, he found that it was locked and the front that was earlier opened. As they could not get out, the padlock had to be broken for them to come out. Padlock to the back exit gate had to be broken for the Bishop to get out to his residence. All these events are in a video clip.


1. Since the problem, they have gone to the press severally to publish lies away from reality on ground.

2. They have severally gone to the Bishop’s court to hit the gates and cause security threats until the Diocese had to relocate the Bishop from the temporal Cathedral house being used as Bishop’s court to a new place.

3. These people have gone to invite the EFCC, AIG Police, Area Command Police to make arrest to embarrass the Bishop on several occasions up till now.

4. The Cathedral gate and doors were locked under lock and key for weeks. The Primate wrote them to open the doors. Several traditional rulers, Bishops of other Diocese, etc made frantic efforts to open it to no avail. It was a court injunction that had to be taken to open the Cathedral that these protesters obeyed. They defied all advice except court, take note.

5. These persons did lots of voodoo on some, lured some others and threatened some, just to get them to join their train. As they did this, with lots of hate messages against the Bishop, they had four churches involved (but not all members of these churches are in support). Many others were tempted to join, with flamboyant excuses. They have a team of evil missionaries that visit Church treasurers, with several calls, visits and other voodoo means. In the last one year, they have made efforts to secure the position of treasurership in churches at their vestry meetings. In many of these places they have failed.

6. In some churches where the treasurer refused, like St. John, Amukpe, they resorted to impeaching the PCC by themselves through illegal and un-church means. This matter is under legal battle.

7. As these persons know they will be punished for these evils, they went to court to take court coverage from being punished. This is still in court.

8. Whenever the Diocese had a programme, they made efforts to disrupt it. Examples were the Synod of 2016 at Amukpe, the Talithacumi Solemn Assembly in January 2016, but shifted few days to its commencement.

Source: Warri Times

Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe: His Return To PAC On Sunday, January 15, 2017

On Sunday, January 15, 2017, Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe returned to Pentecostal African Church Int. Inc. headquarters in Warri. He was called out of the congregation and addressed by the Assistant General Overseer of PAC, Bishop Barrister Ernest Ekpekurede who made the following statement:

From today on, you will be here. You know… Listen, listen, listen. I want to say something here. Listen, listen. I want, I want, including myself—we will not despise those youths we see the calling of God upon their head. If you don’t know, he is a pastor. He is a young man that is so consumed with zeal. I have sent message across to him severally through the mother and the sister. He is so consumed with zeal. These are people where there be nobody, he preaches to chair, to tell you the extent of zeal. And you find out when ministries that are growing up, when they see people like this, they get hold of them quickly. And we that own them, we don’t give them place to utilize that which God has given to them. When I saw him, I have been watching. I said, ‘Is this not my boy?’ And let me be very sure. You find out there are some of you there, because 2017 is taking another dimension. If we never gave opportunity to people like them Okorode Sr, where is Okorode Jr? Stand on your feet. Come this way. If we do not give opportunity to them, you won’t know what God has deposited inside of them. You won’t know. There are great giants. And that is why I keep telling you: you must obey constituted authority. Running up and down will not help you. This is a ministry that gives opportunity to men. If not the opportunity, men like Lawrence will not showcase, men like Robert they will not showcase. He was in my prayer band. Even the Archbishop’s wife, they were members of my prayer band. They were members of my prayer band. Hmm, ready to explode this year. There is a place here. There is a place for you here. Run no more. There is a place for you here. There is a place for you here. There is a place for you here! You will occupy. God will advertise you in the name of Jesus.”

Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe first became a member of PAC on Sunday, March 2, 2003. While he was there, he served as an usher. Because of the calling of God upon his head, he left the church in 2012 to prepare himself for the work of the ministry.

Pastor Samuel Ojegbe, who is the Founder/General Overseer of the Temple of Light and Miracles Ministries located at 4 Skinn Road, Warri, had ordained him as his assistant pastor on Sunday, February 2, 2014. He worked with that ministry faithfully and tirelessly for almost three years, before tendering his resignation late last year on Monday, December 26, 2016.

The man of God, Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe, said that; “I was led by God to return to PAC. I am so happy to return to PAC. Thank you all for welcoming me back.”

Source: Warri Times